“Hi, I'm José! Let me welcome you to your house on the beach. During your stay I will have the pleasure of taking care of you, so don't forget my name; but first let me tell you a little about myself and my family.

Since I was twenty years old, in my native Venezuela, I was linked to sales, because they allowed me to do what fascinated me: share with people and talk. Later I specialized in the insurance business, which for more than 40 years allowed me to live from my passion for the other, for customer service, for understanding the needs of others and helping them to have a happier life.

When you do what you're passionate about, work stops being work and time passes quickly and smoothly, so one day I found myself in front of the mirror and some little wrinkles told me that it was time to move on to another phase, retirement.

I can't deny that I felt a little anguish. To stop doing what I love most was beginning to acquire nuances of nightmare, but soon a trip would redraw my panorama and would make me see clearly what the next step was.

A family trip took us to the beautiful Playa de San Juan in Tenerife. The beach, where I have always lived and will continue to live; Tenerife, a unique environment of beautiful landscapes and beautiful people who live to the rhythm of the waves and the gentle blow of the warm wind. This place is perfect for me and my family, I thought; so we decided to move here and buy a bit of these beautiful lands and founded Mi Posadita, which is not only our, but your home in Playa San Juan.

In this way a new chapter begins in my life and that of my family. They say that "posadero" is my new profession; however, I would call it host, brother or “compadre”, what I have been for years when with immense pleasure I have opened the doors of my house to relatives and many friends, with whom I have built the most beautiful memories that today are part of that engine that makes me wake up every morning full of happiness and plenitude.

Today we want to welcome all of you, to make our guests our family and our great friends. We are ready to assist you, show you the wonders of this place, know you, learn from you, and help you live the best days of rest and enjoyment you can have in Mi Posadita, which more than ours is completely yours, your home on the beach.”